Foam vs. Neoprene

Foam vs. Neoprene

Koozies are believed to have been first created around 1980. The need for a can holder was obvious, and over time, koozie morphed from a brand name to a generic name to describe all the items from can coolies to stubby holders. Many koozie materials have been used, but the 2 most popular materials are foam and neoprene. Foam koozies and neoprene koozies are two birds of a similar feather. The question posed is always the same: Which is better - neoprene koozie or foam koozie? Let's explore these two options.

Foam vs. Neoprene: Which is better?

The truth is neither one is better overall. Foam and neoprene koozies both have advantages and disadvantages. Some will argue neoprene is better because of the sleek feel and wicking nature. Others charge the foam is better because of the color and design options as well as a good amount of wicking.

Foam Koozies

foam koozies

Foam koozies are also known as scuba foam koozies. For design and color enthusiasts, these are the more diverse option. Foam koozies often are available in many color and size options. The nature of the foam construction is two polyester outer layers with foam in between.

Neoprene Koozies

Neoprene is commonly used to make wetsuits for scuba diving. (Hence the confusion with the scuba foam. Hey, we don't make the rules.) Neoprene is usually constructed of two outer layers of a polyester or lycra blend fabric between different rubber varieties. We typically use B foam or K foam neoprene for all in-house custom koozies.

Foam or Neoprene: Which one should I order?

The decision of foam vs. neoprene often boils down to two factors: price and style.

[caption id="attachment_800" align="alignleft" width="300"]neoprene vs. foam Neoprene pieces compared to the foam.[/caption]

Yay Foam!

Foam koozies are much more price competitive. Color variations and design options such as USA and sports themes or chevron patterns are readily available. Since neoprene koozies are designed for a more snug fit, the foam koozies are easier to use on opened cans of soda or beer.

Yay Neoprene!

Neoprene is far superior when it comes to wicking moisture. Neoprene also has a sleek feel in your hand. The neoprene koozies are more expensive, and the color options are usually limited to solid colors with green camouflage being the exception. However, neoprene can stretch and retract in ways foam cannot. The natural elasticity of the neoprene material is well suited for stretching.

So... which one?

The decision is ultimately up to you. If you order a custom koozie from Uncommon Covers, we will always recommend the neoprene. The foam is great for large bulk orders, but the neoprene will give you a longer lasting, sleek product. If you have any more questions about which one would be better, send us a message or order your very own.

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