Our Story

Hi there!

Thanks for visiting our website. The UC story began in Houston, Texas with a likely need and an unlikely solution... 

original uncommon covers

In the heat of the summer in 2013, BJ brought several used koozies and asked me to sew them together to make a koozie big enough for a 24 ounce beer. I reluctantly agreed and gave it a whirl. While it wasn't the most beautiful makeshift koozie, it worked! I also created one for a 16 ounce can that same day. Every time he used one of the koozies, people commented that we should sell them.

Encouraged by friends and family, I came up with the name Uncommon Covers and we set out to create a better way to drink.

We aim for:

  • High quality drinkwear constructed with care and precision
  • Better condensation coverage to keep hands dry
  • A snug fit on any size, including the 12 ounce Skinny cans
  • Long-lasting, washable drinkwear to stand the test of time

In 2015, we moved to New Braunfels, Texas. NBTX is where Uncommon Covers has found its home. We've participated in several local markets, been interviewed in a regional podcast, and had a write-up done about us by a groovy local clothing company. The future is looking bright for UC. We're continuously discussing growth and learning how to scale our operations to offer a more diverse product range.

We hope that you will appreciate our work when you receive your order. We highly value our customers' feedback, as we are always looking to grow and improve.


Jenny Walker
UC Founder