Football and Love

Football and Love

February is here! This week we will discuss football and love - two superb upcoming occasions for koozies from Uncommon Covers.


The apex of football season is here with the upcoming SuperBowl 50. The golden anniversary of SuperBowls. Who will win? AFC vs NFC, Denver vs. Carolina, Peyton vs. Cam - so many contests to be settled in 60 minutes of playing time. Whichever team is yours, please do not forget to keep your beer, soda, wine, water, Red Solo cup, etc. covered with an Uncommon Cover while watching the game. There's no reason to add a cold hand to the mix while cheering on your team.

Also, let's not forget the VERY MOST IMPORTANT parts of the SuperBowl - the commercials and the halftime show. This is probably the only sports broadcast you will watch all year where you remain interested in between the actual playing time. Coldplay, Beyonce and Bruno Mars will be bringing their talents to the stage. They are all separately talented, so the combination should make for an explosive show. Maaaybe not as explosive as JT and Janet Jackson. Anyone remember that?


The very next weekend after the conclusion of football season we are welcoming Valentine's Day. As you may have seen on social media, Uncommon Covers has 3 different Valentine's Day designs ready for yourself or your Valentine.

Football and Love

Love - The classic. White text on pink neoprene.

Be Mine - The original. Red heart on white neoprene.

I Heart U - The monotone. Black text on a black neoprene.

All styles are available as 12 oz. koozies or cup sleeves. The colors are interchangeable. The monotone option is only available in black and white.

The Valentine's Uncommon Covers are the gifts that keep on giving all year long. A great item to keep your hand warm in the winter and dry in the summer.

In preparation for these two awesome upcoming weekends, don't forget to plan your koozie usage appropriately. Hurry and decide which Valentine koozie works best for you. February 7 is the final order date for guaranteed Valentine's Day delivery.

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