Giant Cup Sleeve

Giant Cup Sleeve

Greetings! Here’s hoping your Spring is going swimmingly. Uncommon Covers is looking forward to Summer with new product options.  The 2016 newbies will include original designs as well as new product sizes like the giant cup sleeve.

giant cup sleeve32 Ounce Styrofoam

The giant cup sleeve is made for those of you sipping out of the same giant cup all day long. The shown model is made for the large, 32 ounce Styrofoam cup. Of course we are not opposed to creating new sizes. So if your daily sipper is a slightly different size, let us know!

Product Test

This drinkwear style has been put through the paces by some of our good friends working over at the Valero Corporate offices in San Antonio. Valero has an on-campus cafeteria serving up delicious food and giant drinking cups for your beverages. Noted advantages for using the giant cup sleeve are resistance to condensation as well as a bit of additional insulation.

giant cup sleeveNew Products

We recently had a photo-shoot for our new drinkwear selections with Emily from Gruene Photography. It was so much fun working with her to find a one-of-a-kind setting to photograph the UC brand. We chose Landa Park near the Comal Springs. The Uncommon Covers home base is in New Braunfels, and Landa Park is all things NBTX.

Stay tuned for more product updates and photos. If you have any questions, ask! And if you want your very own drinkwear item, order it!

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