Merry Tex-mas: A Koozie Gifting Guide

Merry Tex-mas: A Koozie Gifting Guide

Greetings! Merry Tex-mas and happy holidays to all. Texmas Tex-masWe hope everyone had a wonderful and food-filled Thanksgiving. Now that the holidays are in full swing, time to buckle down and plow through with the gifts, decorations and parties. This week we are providing a top ten list of ways koozies are a great holiday gift.

  1. Stocking Stuffers: If you're at a loss for a nifty gift that is useful (and not made in China), look no further than an Uncommon Cover.

  2. Host/Hostess Gifts: Attending a party this holiday season? Don't forget to bring the host or hostess a small gift. Some might suggest wine, but an Uncommon Cover will bring cheer all year long. We can even make a koozie for a wine bottle!

  3. Co-workers: Maybe you're a rare breed who gets along with everyone at work. Or maybe you want to head into 2016 on the right foot with everyone at work. In any case, a koozie is a great way to say, "Thanks for being my co-worker! Happy holidays!" Not too expensive, not too cheap and very useful.

  4. Your Mailperson/Delivery person: YES! You need to give a gift to your mailperson. This delightful man or woman shows up at your house every day, rain or shine, with your snail mail. The USPS requires gifts to be worth $20 or less. A koozie or cup sleeve is a great gift that falls within this price limit.

  5. Your hair stylist or other service professionals: Have you been getting really great haircuts all year from the same person? They deserve your attention during the holidays, too. A koozie is a great way to say, "Thanks for keeping me lookin' good!"

  6. Neighbors: Do you want to get your neighbors a small gift? A set of Uncommon Covers would be just the thing. Again, not too cheap, but also not too expensive way to say, "Hey, we're thinking about ya."

  7. Teachers: Now these people deserve much, much more than just a koozie, so get them a gift card to their favorite restaurant or liquor store and stuff into an Uncommon Cover. They will thank you for your consideration while they're stressing out in late April.

  8. Babysitter: Stuff that holiday bonus into a koozie for your babysitter. He or she will appreciate the gesture. They also might think you're pretty cool for giving them a gift!

  9. Spouse: Does your spouse buy whatever they need or want when they need or want it? Get him or her an Uncommon Cover to use for your New Year's celebrations. You can put your face on it!

  10. Friends: And finally, your compadres. They put up with you all year long. In fact, get yourself one and you can have a matching set to use together all year long.

During the hustle and bustle, remember to stop and cherish the special moments with loved ones this Tex-mas season.

Happy Tex-mas! Cheers!

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