Seven Koozie Habits of Highly Effective Koozie Users

UC Guest BloggerSeven Koozie Habits of Highly Effective Koozie Users

I have a confession: I am a regretfully inadequate koozie user. When I'm at a bar and realize that my beer is getting warm, I envy my friends that have delicious cool beers in their unsweaty koozie-protected hands. My drink-related New Year's Resolution is to be a better beer drinker, and therefore, a better koozie user. To kick the year off right, I've been collecting data from my friends to develop this list of Seven Koozie Habits of Highly Effective Koozie Users.

1) Be prepared.

Super users of koozies know that cold beer invites can come at any hour of any day. Like Boy Scouts, "Be Prepared (with Koozies)" is the super user's motto. Keep a stash in the car so you are prepared for the unexpected happy hour, sporting event or get together.

2) Variety is the spice of life.

Who knows where the sudden invite will take you? Your favorite beer could be in a can, bottle or on tap. Variety is the key to koozie prep. Don't keep one in your car, keep 5 or more of varying sizes, shapes and colors.

[caption id="attachment_961" align="alignleft" width="290"]koozie purse Purse full of koozies[/caption]

3) Carry on your person.

Keep a koozie in your pocket, purse, satchel, fanny pack or somewhere less obvious. Nothing impresses like rolling up to a bar and immediately placing your cold brew into a snug koozie. This move says, "I'm confident in my beer-drinking game."

4) Actually, keep 2.

Your companion, or a cute new friend, will appreciate the lending of a koozie. Not everyone is a koozie super user yet. I could be one of these cute new friends. Keep a koozie for me, just until I get the hang of these rules.

5) Brand yourself.

[caption id="attachment_957" align="alignright" width="300"]koozie cats Cool cat koozie[/caption]

Koozie super users are memorable. Because they are always ready to lend a help koozie? Sure, that's part of it. More importantly, these super users build a brand for themselves by designing their own koozies. What is on the koozie is just as important as the koozie itself. It's time for you to brand yourself! Design your own logo and incorporate your slogan!!

What's my slogan? No Pants!

I'm putting in my order for a slew of No pants koozies today. Watch out for me at your local watering hole.

6) Emergency Contact.

Looks, even super users have a rough day. What do super users do if the call of the cold beer comes in, and they are not in their car and don't have pockets or a purse? The smartest koozie users have an "In case of Koozie Emergency" contact at the ready. The koozie emergency contact could be your significant other or, more likely, your best drinking buddy. Text each other in the AM to make sure at least one of you has pockets or and access to your vehicle at all times.

7) Personal Supplier.

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